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Amigos Car Rental: Services

Amigo’s car rental is proud to offer you a good service, with low prices and excellent quality.   We invite you to find out what makes us different, what is that we call a friendly service.  We offer you the following advantages and services:

  • The most varied fleet of new vehicles
  •  Free of mileage
  •  Exoneration of damages without deductible
  •  Service at home WITHOUT additional SURCHARGE
  •  Online Payment
  •  Business Credit System
  •  Agreements with Hotels
  •  Promotions all year
  •  On the road assistance 24 hours a day
  •  Customized Attention
  •  Return in another branch
  •  Child seats
  •  Club Amigo's

Business credit

Amigo's Car Rental makes available of your company a novel system of business credit that allows rent of vehicles to all its executives and employees with a writ, without the necessity of using a credit card and with the best tariffs of the market.

With this system your company will be able to enjoy the following advantages:

  • Customized attention
  • Priority in the reservation of any of our vehicles
  • Yield
  • Special tariffs by long term rents

All our vehicles, the driver and the occupants are protected by an insurance policy. In addition we counted with an ample fleet that it adapts to your necessities and those of your company.

If you wish to make a credit request or to obtain more information of this service contact us. You will be able to find our telephones and e-mails in the contact us section.


1. The minimum age for renting vehicles is 25 years old and maximum 70 years old.

The client must have EFFECTIVE DRIVING LICENSE, IDENTITY DOCUMENT, EFFECTIVE MEDICAL CERTIFICATE and CREDIT CARD. The additional conductor must be older than 25 years old and to be direct relative of the renter (father, spouse and son).

2. The following positions go by accounts of the client:

- Delivery or return outside the city where rent.

- Gasoline.

- Lost of keys.

3. The hiring of the exoneration of damages with or without deductible DOES NOT INCLUDE robbery, rollovers, breakage of tires, rims, radio, glasses and/or given accessories, vandalic and malicious acts. In the hiring of the exoneration of damages with deductible, in case of collision, when this is the responsibility of the client , the cover is until the amount of the deductible, as long as the client present ticket of transit or denounces emitted by the competent authorities.

3.1. The Exoneration of damages is lost automatically in the cases of:

a) Infractions of transit.

b) Illegal use of the vehicle or violation of the clauses of the contract.

c) Non authorized additional driver.

4. The daily tariff of the vehicle is of 24 hours and has with up to one hour additional of term of grace for its return, after this lapse you will pay extra hours.

Tips for Users

In Venezuela, the road security is in charge of the Cuerpo de Vigilancia de Tránsito Terrestre (Body of Monitoring of Terrestrial Transit), that has like mission to watch and to control the circulation of terrestrial vehicles and pedestrians, as well as guarding by the fulfillment of the legal norm, that regulates the automotive transit of Venezuela, guaranteeing the fluidity of the traffic, providing acceptable levels of security and establishing programs of road education.

For a safer trip:

  • Rest well before undertaking some trip.
  • Check the water, fuel gauges, oil levels and the pressure of the tires in the nearest gas station from your location.
  • Fasten your seat belt and be sure that the rest of the passengers did it also.
  • Close the doors
  • Do not drive too close to the other vehicles in the route.
  • Leave enough time to arrive at your destiny.
  • Do not exceed the indicated speed limits in the highways.
  • Do not consume alcohol if you are going to drive and do not drive if you ingested some type of alcohol.
  • During your trip, pay attention to the indicators of the vehicle, if you notice some anomaly, stop in a gas station until you make sure that you can continue without risks.
  • In case of remaining rough, try to become to a side of the way far from the curves, activate the emergency lights and place the triangle of security to a prudential distance.

Accident prevention:
An study on the cause of the automobile accidents found that the main factors that cause the accidents by distraction in the handling are:

  • Use of cellular: The use of the cellular represents one of the greater factors than can cause distractions while you handle it. Although it is difficult to imagine the life without the cellular telephones, you increase the risk of having an accident in 400 percents whenever you use cellular telephones. Your concentration in the driving is turned aside when you enter numbers or initiate a conversation. To make other tasks when you are speaking on the cellular telephone, like taking notes or looking for something, increases the risk of suffering an accident. If you are in the freeway, take the next exit and parking in a safe place before using your cellular telephone. In case of having to take care of the call, a free hands device is recommended.
  • To pay attention to the children and other passengers: Be sure that your children are assured suitably in their seats and give them distraction-books, games or others article-for occupying their time. Pets can be unpredictable. Sit them suitably in a pet shipper or portable dog house before moving the vehicle. To look for your favorite song in the radio or to fit the control of temperature of the vehicle can be dangerous. Fit the controls before leaving or you request assistant to your copilot.
  • To eat: To eat while you are driving is dangerous. Normally it involves to eat with a hand and to balance the food or drink with the other. Leave a little e earlier for to stop and to eat. Parking in a safe place and enjoy your meal.
  • Other distractions: To read a newspaper, a book or a map and the personal care like to comb you, shaving or to make up are examples of which people do not have to do when driving. To smoke is health damage and the security, specially while you are driving. To ignite, to extinguish cigarettes or to gather the ashes that fall can represent a mortal distraction. The safer solution is simple: never does anything of this while you are driving.

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Club Amigo's

Amigo's Car Rental rewards your certainty. When you belong to the club you will obtain numerous benefits like:

- Rent 5 times and we give you 1 day off of rent.
- Options that reduce or eliminate the charges by deductible.
- Preference in your reservations.
- VIP Treatment.
- Discounts all year.
- Free mileage

Online Support



  • Best tariffs in low season:
  • Until a 50% of discount.
  • Rent and sail by each rent of a vehicle you will obtain for free a beautiful stroll in boat to the paradise-like Coche Island.
  • Accommodation with vehicle included (economic type)

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  • Rent 3 days and pay only 2 days.
  • Rent 7 days and pay only 5 days.